During April and May, we recommend our spring start-up service to get your sprinkler and irrigation system up and running for the season. Winter ground heaving, heavy snowfall and snow removal can all take a toll on adjustments and function of your sprinkler heads. Our Spring Start-up service inspects for all the issues winter leaves behind. As well, from year to year your landscaping changes, shrubs and trees grow and sometimes landscaping is redesigned or changes. At the time of Spring Start-up, we review the design of your current irrigation system and the condition of your sprinklers in order to recommend changes or enhancements that will ensure your irrigation system meets the needs of all of your lawn and plants in the most efficient manner. From a simple head change, to the addition of entire zones, our technicians will work with you to optimize turf and plant coverage.

We will check all the components to ensure your system is fully functional for the watering season. This service includes:

  • Turn water on to the sprinkler system and inspect sprinkler plumbing and vacuum breaker.
  • Examine each zone and adjust for adequate coverage.
  • Diagnose any repairs that need to be made to the sprinklers or irrigation system.
  • Where applicable, install pump, suction line, check valve, and filter (quote will be supplied).
  • Activate the controller, set watering schedule and test all valves in the system. Install battery. (Battery sold separately)
  • Inspect and adjust the system for proper coverage.
  • Check for system leaks.
  • Check function of all heads and nozzles.
  • Provide information and quote for all repairs needed exceeding $100.00

Scheduling your spring start-up depends on the weather conditions and your individual watering needs. Contact Nassar Landscaping and Irrigation, Inc. by calling us at 603-893-5021 or contact us for more details.
early to schedule this service.


Nassar Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc recommends a sprinkler tune-up at least once a month, from April thru October. The sprinkler and irrigation tech sets your sprinkler time clock by time of year. More watering in June, July, and August, less in April, May, September and October. The sprinkler tech will also check each watering zone to make sure that it is efficiently watering your New Hampshire lawn.

Over time sprinkler heads wear out for several reasons.

  • Grass can grow over the heads blocking the sprinkler from popping-up to its full height. 
  • Landscape plants can block the spray pattern of the sprinkler head. 
  • Debris can block the sprinkler head.
  • Careless mowing can cut some of the sprinkler head.
  • Tree roots may depress the pipe causing water stoppages.


In order to keep your system at its peak performance, and possibly avoid high water bills caused from undetected leaks, it is best to have a seasoned professional routinely go over your sprinkler and irrigation system from top to bottom. 
We offer service agreements which provide the following pre-paid services for a one year period, with system checks to be made either Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-annually. In addition to the following service, all contracts include a spring and fall checkup which will prepare your sprinkler irrigation system for the summer and winter season ahead. 

  • Check for proper valve function
  • Clean filters
  • Check for proper water coverage and distribution
  • Make adjustments and changes as needed
  • Program irrigation controller for the appropriate season
  • Priority scheduling for repair work as needed and there will be no Basic Service Charge assessed on these calls

For further information and/or pricing contact Nassar Landscaping and Irrigation, Inc. by calling us at 603-893-5021 or contact us for more details.