10 Ways to Keep Your Garden Looking Neat + Tidy

Mar 13, 2020advice

Here’s a good article on gardening tips by Maria Conti for HGTV.

Use these quick tips to keep your garden looking polished.

Create a Crisp Border

Neatly-trimmed shrubs paired with whitewashed bricks create an ultra-crisp border along this Georgian flowerbed, overflowing with white hydrangeas. Use this powerhouse duo to create a way to contain the abundant blooms in your backyard, without competing with their beauty in the process.

Tidy Trimming

Set aside time with your garden shears on a regular basis to ensure evergreen shrubs appear orderly and uniform. This formal English garden has the right idea, boasting carefully cut boxwoods, pointed trees and handsome, swirling shrubs.

Pave Your Way

This crisp courtyard features a herringbone path and a matching, brick paver barrier that separates the garden mulch and grass. Use a physical border to create visual tidiness and distinction in your outdoor space.

Create Contrast + Order

The landscapers of this garden achieve an orderly appearance by using concrete steps that form clean, uniform lines that call visitors upward to enjoy the garden. The sleek stone steps contrast beautifully with the natural boulders and the lush flowerbeds.

Opt for Oversized Stones

Turns out, size does matter. Skip small stone pavers and opt for oversized alternatives instead. Not only do large stepping stones look stunning, but their size makes weekly mowing and trimming in between the path a total breeze.

Plant With Intention

Be intentional when planning your garden-bed groupings. Create a polished appearance by planting like flowers together, with a specific number of inches between each plant. This stunning estate showcases the striking effect of this technique along its retaining wall.

Use Similar Textures

We know it can be tempting to mix and match all the unique plants from the nursery, but try to resist your urges! There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and too many different textures in your flowerbed will undoubtedly look messy. Cut back the chaos and achieve a crisp, clean landscape by sticking to plants with similar textures, such as the grassy garden bed above.

Stick With Symmetry

Give yourself a leg-up and stick to symmetry for your landscaping project. Doing so will create an instant appearance of balance and harmony to your outdoor space. Bonus? A garden that is symmetrical also makes it easier for you to spot if something needs to be trimmed or appears out of place.

Weed Out Your Enemies

Consider weeds enemy number one on your pursuit to a polished garden design. Set aside a little time each week to roll up your sleeves and throw on your favorite garden gloves to pluck those pesky guys out of your garden beds.

Skip Mulch + Stick to Stones

One way to sidestep a messy garden is to skip mulch altogether. Re-create this modern home’s zen outdoor space by planting succulents, surrounded by smooth river stones. Not only are the stones sleeker in appearance than traditional mulch, but they are heavier too and are less likely to move due to a rainstorm or a big gust of wind.

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