Irrigation Services

Nassar Landscaping prides itself on being one of the only members of the Irrigation Association in the area. We install, maintain, and repair our own underground sprinkler systems as well as existing systems. We can custom design a system for your home or business. We use top of the line products and encourage you to click on the links to the left to see the products we will install for you. At Nassar Landscaping we warranty our irrigation system for 1 years. Not only do we install irrigation systems, but also we provide the services of blowing out the system to protect it during the winter season. We also can start up your system in the spring and check for any damages that might have occurred over the winter months.


  • Add to your property value and appearance.
  • Sprinklers turn on/off even when you’re not at home or on vacation, freeing up time for your favorite activity.
  • Custom-designed sprinklers deliver only the necessary, precise amount of water necessary, eliminating wasted water and unnecessary spending.
  • A properly designed system will pay for itself just in water savings alone.
  • Conserve Water and Maintain a Healthy Landscape

Tired of wasting your time and money? Have you ever considered an in ground sprinkler system? Nassar Landscaping is this area’s leader in installation of all types of irrigation systems. We guarantee the most competitive pricing and best service available. We offer free estimates on all sprinkler systems as well as our other landscape services, ranging from brick walkways and patios/stone walls or landscape design.

Installing a sprinkler system will pay for itself just in the money you save on conserving water (when watering by hand, 50 percent of the water used is lost by runoff, evaporation, not to mention installation of a separate deduct water meter). In times of watering bans or restrictions, sprinkler systems can be programmed to run late at night or early morning when water evaporation is at its lowest.

Please take some time to read our suggestions below for choosing a contractor as the information can be very helpful in your decision making.

Evaluating and Choosing A Contractor

When choosing a contractor, don’t just choose the one with the lowest price. Take the time to find a contractor with a competitive price and a good reputation. Your system will require service from time to time and you want to be sure your contractor will still be in business five years from now.

Insist on getting a certificate of insurance from your contractor that says he has both liability and workers comp. Your homeowner’s policy does not cover people you hire to work on your property. In the event of an accident, you, the homeowner, could be put in jeopardy of suit if the contractor you hire does not have insurance and one of his workers gets injured on the job.

If designed and installed properly and with quality product, a sprinkler system will give you many years of service and value with minimal maintenance.

Make sure the contractor is installing a backflow-preventer approved by the local plumbing inspector and/or water department. Also, insist on a rain sensor so that your system is not operating while it’s raining.

Many contractors use two or three different brands of product on the same system. The reason for this is that they want to install what they feel is the best quality product and what they feel comfortable with. Most manufacturers don’t produce a complete line of quality items for a complete system. You want the best product each manufacturer makes.

Look for a contractor who promptly returns phone calls (especially during a busy season), knows the product and presents himself in a professional manner.

Be sure to compare apples to apples. If you have one contractor who says he will do the job with 20 sprinkler heads, and another who claims he can do it with 16, be careful. Not to say that 20 is the right number, but I would be suspect of the 16-head bid. Many contractors stretch the design to win a bid and in July and August when it gets hot, the 16-head systems shows its true colors with burned spots in the lawn.

Ask for references. Your contractor should be able to provide you with the names and telephone numbers of references for you to call. You should feel confident that the contractor you choose can provide you with excellent service no matter what time of year.

Examine the product the contractor plans to use. Most manufacturers produce competitive, comparable products. However, some also make inexpensive items. If it looks cheap and flimsy, it probably is, and that’s the way it will work.

The contractor should give you a written bid. That bid should describe the product to be used and the quantity of each, at least on major parts such as sprinklers, valves, and controllers. The bid should also give you an estimated start and completion date. All preparatory and finish work should be included.