The best time to seed a lawn is from late summer until early fall (August 15 to September 20) while the soil is still warm. You can also seed a new lawn in April or May. Although late summer lawn seeding is best:  warm soil equals faster germination, watering will not be as much of a problem since there will be fewer weed problems, and the cool season grasses in the mix will have a better chance of getting established.

From the time the Hydroseed is first put down, and for the next two (2) weeks, make sure that the soil is kept evenly moist until germination. After the seeds germinate, you can water more heavily but less frequently. DO NOT OVER WATER, and do not use a strong spray. You don’t want to drown the seeds, nor do you want to wash them away.

Water will continue to be a prime concern for your new lawn. About one inch of water per week (rainfall plus irrigation) will be required until your lawn is well established. You may mow a newly seeded turf when the grass is 2 1/2-3 inches tall.  After the first mowing you may apply a high nitrogen, turf fertilizer. Water immediately to prevent possible foliar burn.