What is landscaping?  A tree over here?  A bush there?  It must be more than beauty.  If it isn’t functional, if it doesn’t serve you and the way you wish to live, it fails.  Truly creative design marries form and function – beauty with usability.

The result is landscaping that reflects your vision, your imaginings, and is as unique as your own fingerprint.  And in the process, increases the value of your home.   Let us build a property that makes you proud to own and share with others.   Intelligent Landscape Design combines sensitive with sensible.  Our designs burst with creativity, are grounded in functionality and adhere to your budget specifications.

To get there, we ask more questions than you might expect—about more things than you might have considered.  You may be surprised at how you answer, but that’s all part of the process, and why so much goes into the planning and design before a single shovelful of earth is moved.

It is important that you have confidence in the people who design your landscape.  I have built a team of highly creative individuals, but what sets us apart is we create solutions based on your vision of your property—not ours.   You will always have direct access to me in the implementation of any service.  I love to challenge our designers and I also insist that the finished product represent both beauty and functionality in a way that reflects your family’s personalities and the personality of the land itself.