Landscape Design

Nassar Landscaping provides high-caliber lawn care for all types of properties. The core of our lawn care services is aimed at nurturing your grounds with an ample supply of nutrients and weed control throughout the growing season, while manicuring your property through timely mowing and grooming treatments.

With every visit to your property, our Turf Technicians also administer visual lawn inspections, searching for signs of disease and insect activity. Should we discover threatening conditions, you would be notified immediately and presented with a plan of action to rectify the problem.


Turf Installation

We provide sodding and seeding as well as hydroseeding for undeveloped lawns, for bare areas and patchy grass growth, mulching, and the planting of ornamental vegetation such as bushes, trees and smaller flowers and plants.

Turf Treatment

For a lush, green lawn we administer weed control to eliminate unsightly weeds; insect control compounds as a deterrent to insect nesting and feeding; fertilization; plus aeration and liming to promote the growth of green, healthy grass. We also offer soil testing to determine the pH level of your soil for optimum turf production.

Landscape Renovation

Would you prefer lush, green grass or crab grass?  Dandelions and weeds or annuals and perennials?  If your lawn is just not living up to its potential, maybe it just needs a rejuvenation.   Call for a free consultation for a customized plan that fits your lifestyle, your budget and your lawn will thank you for it!