Put your wheelbarrows away and let Nassar Landscaping and Irrigation, Inc. take all the “work” out of yard work and mulching, so you can spend more time doing what you want to do! Our mulch blowing installation and soil products give you a beautiful weed free yard that your neighbors will all be talking about. Your yard will look great and your plants will love you, too. Proper application of mulch each year will protect your plants from extreme conditions. Mulch installation insulates your plants’ roots from the heat while retaining necessary moisture and in the winter it keeps the roots under a protective blanket, conserving the warmth of the soil beneath. For those who still like to get down and dirty Nassar Landscaping and Irrigation, Inc. offers express delivery service generally within 24 to 48 hours.

Hardwood, Softwood, and Colored wood mulch have never been applied more effortlessly, and the smooth, professional look of the blown material is unrivaled with the remote control, the volume of output can be adjusted quickly to a minimum flow for spreading around delicate flowers or turned up higher in more wide open areas. Even coarse mulches can be applied using the interchangeable 4″ or 5″ hoses.


Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch is made from shredded bark of hardwood trees such as oak, maple or birch. This mulch offers a variety of benefits including durability, slow decomposition and effective weed deterrence. It is an ideal choice for home landscaping sloped hills or for particularly wet climates.


Hardwood mulching ranges from light to dark brown in color, depending on the wood used to make it. Mulch can be dyed different colors as well. Natural and artificial colors will eventually fade with time and exposure to sun. Natural colors last about one year; dyed colors fade in to three years.


Hardwood mulching is effective at suppressing weed growth by preventing weed seeds that are already in the soil from germinating when applied at least 4 inches thick. Any weeds that do grow are much easier to pull out, reducing maintenance time.


Hardwood mulching compacts over time which makes it resistant to blowing or washing away. This protects roots from heat in the summer and the dehydrating effects of dry winter winds and makes it ideal for sloped terrain and wet climates.


Hardwood mulching decomposes at a slower rate than some other types of mulch. It can be purchased in single, double or triple shredded varieties; the higher the shred count, the finer the mulch. Aim to have 2 to 4 inches of mulch (after settling). For coarser mulch, this will mean simply adding a thin top layer once a year. Finer mulch will need 2 to 4 inches of new mulch added each year.


In contrast to inorganic types of mulch, such as plastic, rubber or gravel, hardwood mulch contains nutrients that seep into the soil as the mulch decomposes, improving soil quality over time.


The colors of shredded hardwood mulch vary with the trees used, but span a range of browns. Some have a reddish tint.


Dyed mulch is commonly available in red, brown and black. Some garden stores and nurseries carry a wider range of colors, such as yellow, orange, blue and green.


Hardwood Bark Mulch is dyed by feeding it into a hopper, where it is combined with colorant and water. A conveyor belt carries the mulch from the hopper to a container or pile.


Dyed mulches are often made with low quality wood, such as ground-up pallet wood, which may be treated with chemicals such as chromium, copper and arsenic. They could harm your garden. The dyes may stain clothes, skin and concrete, but are not necessarily harmful.


Over time, both natural and dyed hardwood bark mulches decompose and fade, though some maintain their color much longer than others. Periodically, add a thin layer to the top of existing mulch. Do not exceed 4 inches in total depth for chip mulches and 2 inches for shredded mulches.

When it comes to getting the best in bark mulch application, look no further than to the experts at Nassar Landscaping! Our service is different from the competitions. In addition to hardwood we offer:

  • Premium Blend
  • Pine
  • Black

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