Irrigation & Sprinkler Winterization

Don’t let winter freeze your irrigation system! Prepare for the cold months ahead with our top-notch irrigation winterization services. Our expert team will ensure that your system is properly protected from the harsh temperatures, preventing costly damage and repairs. From thorough inspections to draining and blowing out water lines, we’ve got you covered. Trust us to keep your irrigation system in tip-top shape, so you can enjoy a hassle-free spring. Don’t wait, schedule your winterization service today and have peace of mind throughout the winter season.

In the Northeast, we experience freezing temperatures as early as the beginning October. Consequently, your sprinkler and irrigation system must be properly winterized to safeguard against freeze damage. Our Winterization service includes:

    Turn water off to the sprinkler and irrigation system and drain vacuum breaker and interior pipes

    Deactivate controller and valves. Remove battery from solid-state controller.

    Where applicable, remove and/or drain pump, suction line, check valve and filter

    Clear all lines of water with compressed air, and, if applicable, open all manual drains and faucets

    Because the timing of the arrival of freezing weather varies from season to season freeze warnings are popping up all over the country. Wait until November and you are looking at sprinkler repairs at hundreds of dollars instead of a cheap sprinkler blow out. 

    An unlicensed handyman type will be cheaper but do they have the expertise, proper air compressor and are they familiar with the right PSI settings for the different brands and sprinkler system configurations.

    Winterizing is done with an air compressor. On a residential property, getting all the water out takes 1 to 3 minutes per zone. Depending on the size of the sprinkler system, drips take 5 -10 minutes. This is the best way to winterize your sprinkler system to help insure that there is no water that can freeze, leading to costly repairs.