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Hydroseeding is becoming more and more popular as an effective means of establishing a new lawn.  It is a process that utilizes a mixed media of cellulose fiber, seed, fertilizer and water.  After being thoroughly mixed into a soupy consistency, it is then sprayed onto the lawn by a machine.  Sprouts will appear in as little as three days and a fully established lawn will be achieved in three weeks or less.

What are the advantages of hydroseeding?

    Protects seeds from heat and birds during germination

    Effective in keeping seeds from being washed away on slopes

    No need for straw as with broadcast seeding

    Allows for better root formation as opposed to sod.

    Soil temperature is maintained

    Provides added organic components to enrich soil after lawn is established

    Retains moisture as seeds sprout

    Much more cost effective than purchasing sod. 70%-80% less.

    Hydroseed is great for new and existing lawns! Customized blends of grass are available…we will assist you in choosing the right grass for your lawn.

    Ok, I’ve hydroseeded… now what?

      Water! Water! Water! that lawn.  Hydroseed must be kept moist at all times the first 14 days

      Keep off the Grass!

      The first 2 weeks are critical in developing your new lawn.  5-6 weeks recommended.

      Don’t use Weed Control Chemicals!!!

      Hydroseeding is a great way to a full and lush  lawn you will enjoy for years to come.

      Water your new lawn often at least 2-3 times per day.  The grass should have frequent light sprinklings, but if this is not possible then soak lawn until run off is detected in the early morning and again in the evening.  Do this for the first 2 ½ weeks then cut back to once a day until first mowing. Don’t let it dry out or it will die.

      Hand weeding is best for new lawns.  Remember, proper mowing, quality fertilizer and watering creates the best lawn.