11 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas We Love

Feb 5, 2021advice

Here’s a good article on landscaping ideas by Jenny Stanley for Family Handyman.

It’s hard not to be envious of a house with great curb appeal. But, your home can look beautiful, too, if you incorporate some of these cool front yard landscaping ideas.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Curvy Flower Beds

Make your front yard landscaping pop by edging flower beds with bright-colored annuals. And, we love the curved shape of these flower beds. They look more natural and welcoming than straight-edged rectangular flower beds.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Install a Fence

Fences aren’t strictly for utilitarian purposes. They can make lovely accents in your front yard landscaping, too. Choose one that complements your home or is unique (in a good way!).

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Incorporate a Welcoming Arbor or Arch

Arbors beg to be walked through. Find one that suits your home, and make it inviting by surrounding it with flowers or shrubs.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Install a Decorative Walkway

Welcome guests to your home by creating a decorative pathway out of brick or stone pavers. If your landscaping is attractively layered, as shown here, have your walkway meander casually past the plants so guests can easily see them.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Think Casual

If your home evokes a more casual, beachy feel, such as the one shown here, your landscaping should reflect that vibe. So, opt for breezy trees like these palms, which also offer much-needed shade.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Don’t Forget Lighting

Help your home shine at night, too, by installing lights that spotlight your shrubs, trees and your home’s exterior features.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Create a Pond

Ponds are more common in backyard landscapes, but they can be placed in the front yard, as well. Tuck a small pond near the front door for an unexpected watery welcome.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Seek the Unique

Make your front yard landscaping stand out by installing unique trees and shrubs. The Blue Chinese Wisteria tree, shown here, is a striking sky blue, while a tall, slender Hinoki Cypress places an exclamation point on your design. Before you buy, make sure a particular tree or shrub is suited for your climate.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Create a Place to Rest or Reflect

Incorporate a bench in your front yard landscaping as an invitation to take a few moments to slow down and enjoy the color and shade.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Colorful Hanging Baskets

Who can resist colorful, beautiful blooms? Spiff up your front yard landscaping by hanging flower baskets, scattering flower pots around and maybe even adding window boxes to your home’s facade.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Succulents Rock in Dry Climates

For those of you in dry climates, plant lots of succulents, which come in an array of shapes, textures and colors. Succulents are great plants to use for indoor decor, too.

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