15 Container Garden Plants That Will Thrive in Summer Heat

Aug 19, 2020advice

Here’s a good article on garden plants which thrive in the summer heat by the BH&G Garden Editors for Better Homes & Gardens.

Angel’s Trumpet

In full bloom, a good-size angel’s trumpet will stop you in your tracks. The hanging flowers are indeed trumpet-shape and can reach more than 1 foot long, depending on variety. The blooms also release a pleasant, sweet fragrance after sunset. If you have pets or children, just be sure to keep these plants out of reach, because all parts are poisonous if ingested.

Light: Full sun

Water: Plant in moist, well-drained soil

Size: To 6 feet or more

Zones: 7-11


Though it’s not grown for blooms, agave is a stunning plant that lends an architectural flair to any container. There are striped and solid varieties of agave in different shades of green and blue. Most varieties have extremely sharp leaf tips, so if you have small kids or pets, you might want to cut them off or cover them to make them more friendly.

Light: Full sun

Water: Plant in well-drained soil

Size: To 4 feet or more, depending on variety

Zones: 5-11


This adaptable flower is sometimes called summer snapdragon. Its spikes of purple, white, or pink flowers appear all summer long, no matter how high the mercury rises. Some varieties of angelonia have larger blooms, while dwarf varieties are the perfect size for container gardens.

Light: Full sun

Water: Plant in moist, well-drained soil

Size: To 2 feet tall or more

Zones: 9-11


Although it can be a fast-spreading menace when grown in the ground, bamboo is a dramatic specimen plant when grown in a large container (where it can’t escape). It makes a perfect, fast-growing screen for privacy. When planting bamboo, make the planting hole twice as wide as the root ball; if you’re planting in a container, make sure it’s big enough!

Light: Full sun

Water: Plant in moist, well-drained soil

Size: To 20 feet or more

Zones: 6-10


With its big leaves, banana makes a great big presence in the landscape. Place the plant in the center of a garden bed, or at the back of a garden against a fence for tropical height. While most are plain green, look for types with a mottling of dark red or white edges for extra interest.

Light: Full sun

Water: Plant in moist, well-drained soil

Size: From 1 to 15 feet, depending on type

Zones: 9-10


Perfect for creating a lush, tropical look, canna offers large leaves (variegated in many varieties) and glowing flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, and pink. These plants can often be found close to the water, so they need moist soil to be happy in a garden. You can also overwinter cannas indoors, then bring them outside the next spring.

Light: Full sun

Water: Plant in consistently moist soil

Size: From 1 foot to 15 feet, depending on type

Zones: 7-10



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