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The Farmer’s Almanac forecasts the weather for 2019 by the editors.


The end of winter is near, which means spring is just around the corner! Will the arrival of spring—which begins on Wednesday, March 20—bring rain or shine?

According to The 2019 Old Farmer’s Almanac and our traditionally 80 percent-accurate weather forecasts, spring temperatures in the U.S. will be “cooler than normal in the Northeast, Appalachians, Upper Midwest, Pacific Southwest, and northern Inter-mountain regions.” In the rest of the country—including the typically cool Pacific Northwest and Lower Lakes regions—temperatures will likely be warmer than usual during April and May.

Will April Showers Bring May Flowers?

Raindrops won’t be falling on heads (as often) in many parts of the U.S., with below normal precipitation expected in the Atlantic Corridor, Appalachians, and Inter-mountain regions, as well as in the Desert Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Pacific Southwest, and western Hawaii. Above normal rainfall is expected elsewhere.

Thunderstorms for Spring Break? 

While heading to the beach in April may sound like a good idea, the God of Thunder may have other plans. The Almanac’s forecast calls for a chance of thunderstorms in popular vacation areas in the  Southeast, Florida, and Pacific Southwest, including the beaches of California.

Hawaii is often the perfect spring getaway, but not every day will be sunshine and rainbows. While some of the islands that make up the paradise state will experience below average rainfall, heavy thunderstorms are also expected, especially in the east.

Canada Will Be Singing in the Rain!

After another cold winter, Canadians will get some relief from the snow…in the form of rain! Rain boots and umbrellas will be the fashion of the season! Atlantic Canada will be the only exception, with below normal precipitation. Everywhere else will have many rainy days to look forward to.

As for spring temperatures, they will be near or below normal across the entire country.

Spring Is In The Air!

Are you ready?

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