4 Reasons to Add a Fence to the Backyard

Oct 25, 2019advice

Here’s a good article by Tali Wee of Zillow on reasons to add a fence to the backyard from Great Day Improvements.

Fences are somewhat of an American household icon. In the past, fences were used to distinguish property lines or meeting places for social interaction between neighbors. Although fences are still common, not every home purchase includes a perimeter barrier.

Debating whether to install a fence? Here are four of the top reasons to build an enclosure for the yard.

1. Add Aesthetics

Fences add a sense of completion to an otherwise open landscape. They help outline the property surrounding homes to keep borders neat amongst other homes in the neighborhood. There are many different types of fences, each complimenting a different style of home. Depending on personal preference, homeowners have the option of different materials such as wood, iron and wire. Fences also differ in shape and spacing. Traditional picket, privacy scalloped, split rail, shadow box and lattice are just a few of the style possibilities. Check out homes on Zillow to get an idea of what type of fence best complements a home’s exterior.

2. Secure Pets

Pet owners know how upsetting it is to lose track of their dogs or cats. Without a sturdy blockade, pets can easily dart out of the front door while groceries are being brought in from the car. Further, an added fence allows dogs to roam freely throughout the entire yard, which promotes more exercise and play time than a limiting leash.

3. Create Privacy

Avoid awkward eye contact with the neighbors by installing a tall barrier. With a fence, homeowners can enjoy the privacy of their backyards without worrying about nosy onlookers. This is especially beneficial for modern-designed homes. Installing blinds or fabric window treatments may clash with the clean and sharp look of such homes. A fence, on the other hand, provides privacy without covering interior glass. Consider planting shrubbery and hedges to cover gaps in a natural-looking way.

4. Prevent Trespassing

Increased security is an important benefit of installing a fence in the yard. Fences act as an obstruction to intruders and help keep possessions safe – both inside and outside of the home. Some neighborhoods are more prone to backyard intrusions than others. Homes without a safety border around their swimming pool are especially susceptible to infringements. A fence blocks recreational fixtures from plain sight, which can potentially deter kids from harming themselves playing on equipment without supervision.

Whatever the reason behind a homeowner’s decision to install a fence, make sure it is sturdy and reliable. Building a lackluster gate or letting the panels deteriorate over the years is worse than having no fence. If maintenance is going to be an issue, it’s best to omit the fence altogether. While fences require upkeep, the benefits outweigh the work involved, especially for homeowners with pets, kids or those who appreciate safety and privacy.


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