Tips from a Landscape Designer

Here’s an article from Better Homes & Gardens using landscaper Jovo Ivekich tips on landscape design.

Do you know where to start on your landscaping project? One landscaper shares his secrets of what to consider when landscaping your home.

For maximum curb appeal, strategically planned landscaping is key. After all, it’s people’s first impression of your home! We sat down with Jovo Ivekich of Elements Design Studio to get his advice on where to start, what to plant, and more. Take notes for a picture-perfect yard!


Elements to Consider

When starting your project, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Where is your home situated (or going to be situated) on the lot?
  • How will the driveway divide the front yard?
  • What and where are the views you want to highlight? (both on the outside and from the inside looking out)
  • What are the views you want to de-emphasize? (i.e. unsightly utility equipment)
  • What is the inside of your house like? How can you make the inside and outside blend seamlessly?

Ivekich says that the main goal of a landscaping project is to make it look natural in its surroundings rather than ultra-staged. The home should look intentional, not like it was picked up and dropped into the space.

Where to Start

It’s the ultimate question of any project: Where do I begin? Ivekich recommends starting with the back of your house and working forward. This way, if you’re using large plants or heavy equipment, you’ll end on a high note of curb appeal instead of having these items clogging up the front of the house for an extended period of time.

What to Plant

Be cautious of varieties that have a chance of not coming back. You might love hibiscus, but they wouldn’t do well in your yard. Do your research: Spend your money on plants that are native to your region and planting zone. Visit local greenhouses and view the plants you’re interested in. Ask which plants are reliable and successful in your area.

Design in Detail

Small details in your landscape can take your yard from good to great. Look for unique or custom pots, try border stone mulch, or choose interesting flower combinations. These are the kind of items that will make your home stand out from the rest.