When And Where To Expect New Hampshire’s Fall Foliage To Peak This Year

Sep 17, 2021advice

Here’s a good article on fall foliage posted in Only In Your State by Michelle.

While some people assume the end of summer comes with Labor Day weekend, we believe summer lasts as long as it’s warm outside. But no matter what we want to believe, the official end of summer is September 21st. That means Autumn’s official start is September 22nd. Kissing summer goodbye and coming around to the idea of fall means planning trips to see fall foliage and we just learned what to expect for 2021! The team at smokymountains.com has a proprietary algorithm and using special data points they’re able to predict the arrival and movement of fall foliage across the country. Here’s what to expect for New Hampshire!

While foliage in New Hampshire still feels far away, there are parts of the country that are in the thick of peak foliage!

Little-by-little we’ll be seeing our own!

The White Mountains is one of the best places to take in fall foliage and we’ve seen some small changes here already.

While most of the state was still unchanged the week of September 6th, there were some minimal patchy areas of changing leaves in the norther portion of the state. The week of September 13th will see some nice change.

The White Mountains will see patchy partial change in color, with more of the southern portion experiencing some small changes as well.

By the time we enter mid-September areas from Pittsburg to Mount Washington will be near peak. This is a good time to take a trip if you’re in the area.

This would be a great time to visit the Pittsburg-Clarksville Covered Bridge. It’s one of the most gorgeous year round, but offers spectacular views during fall.

But you’ll want to get out there no later than this week as things begin to change rapidly after this. Most of northern New Hampshire will be at peak foliage which means they’ll be past peak soon.

A White Mountains trip would simply breathtaking this week!

This is also when southern parts of the state, like Portsmouth, will begin seeing their own beautiful fall foliage.

The week of October 4th might be the last of the brightest fall foliage. Many parts of the state will be past peak, though areas like Manchester and Nashua will still be enjoying the colors. From now through October 18th, these same areas will enjoy peak fall foliage with color just about surrounding them.

By the week of October 25th the entire state is expected to be past peak, which means most of the color has dissipated. That means it’s time to start planning for fall foliage road trips today. You’ve got over a month to take in the best of it!


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