5 Trending Landscape Design Ideas That Will Give You the Best Yard On The Block

May 21, 2021Lawncare

Here’s a good article from 2020 on landscape ideas for the best back yard on the block by Lauren Phillips for Real Simple.

The concept of spending time outdoors on a daily basis is getting more and more popular, and people are paying more attention to the quality of their landscape design ideas and outdoor spaces, whether they’re patios, porches, rooftops, or traditional yards and gardens. The appeal of a well-groomed, curated outdoor space—for a backyard party, a starlight soiree, or any other open-air occasion—is almost universal, but as with anything else, trends come and go.

Landscape design trends may shift more slowly than, say, fashion trends, but they still change over time, especially as interior trends and general lifestyle preferences move in a particular direction. Fortunately, keeping up with landscaping trends for your next backyard update or your big patio project doesn’t necessarily require choosing a landscape designer (though one might help). These trends, predicted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) based on member surveys and expertise, are doable on a large or small scale, depending on your landscaping budget and space.

Concrete fountains and glass garden globes aren’t as beloved now as they were a few years ago; if you want your yard to look as current as the rest of your home, keeping up with these landscape design trends can help guide you. Read on for the top landscape design trends of 2020, according to NALP, and take note: One of these ideas could be the concept that transforms your outdoor space this year.

1 Intricate hardscaping

Flat, uniform surfaces are giving way to more ornate, geometric ones. Homeowners incorporating stone, concrete, and other hardscaping into their outdoor spaces are requesting waves, chevron, lattice, and basket weave patterns on everything from walkways to retaining walls, according to NALP. If you’re repaving a walkway or adding a fire feature, consider something with a pattern.

2 Simple, functional design

Minimalism has taken the world by storm, and outdoor spaces are adopting the trend, too. According to NALP’s report, people are looking for sleek, contemporary landscape designs that look good and have some useful function, preferably in multiple seasons: Think native plants, heat lamps, and protective structures that allow people to spend more time outdoors year-round.

3 Shades of blue

With predictions for Color of the Year 2020 trending blue, it’s no surprise that outdoor spaces are expected to as well. Expect to see more blue sculptures, water features, and plants in yards near you this year.

4 Personalized spaces

More and more, people are adopting the landscape design ideas that better support their lifestyle preferences, whether that’s xeriscaping to be more sustainable, creating edible gardens to consume more local, organic foods and reduce carbon footprints, or planting only native greenery to preserve the local ecosystem.

5 Smart irrigation

Smart home devices have made maintaining a home easier, and they do the same outdoors, too. High-tech irrigation, such as smart sprinkler systems, makes grooming a large, green yard or garden both easier and more sustainable (no more accidental waterings on rainy days!) and NALP predicts it will be a top landscape design trend in 2020.



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