These Are The 7 Easiest Fruits And Vegetables To Grow

Jun 25, 2021Uncategorized

Here’s a good article on the easiest vegetables to grow by Chris Malloy for Real Simple.

Looking to get into gardening? Start with these versatile, low-maintenance plants.

Growing your own food brings a host of benefits, and you don’t need to plant half your backyard to reap them. You can start with just an herb plant or two, a bed of seeds, or a few young tomato seedlings. What are those benefits? Growing food is soothing. It’s nutritional. It’s educational. It brings you closer to the earth while making dinner taste a little better.

All you need is a yard, patio, or access to a community garden. Once your seeds or seedlings are planted, they need only sunlight, water, and time. Start with these plants for the easiest road to home-grown herbs, fruits, and vegetables.


You can have a radish crop a month from planting seeds. You don’t need exceptionally deep soil, as you do for other root vegetables, like carrots. You don’t need to be too strict about spacing out seeds, at least for smaller radishes. Begin by thinking about what radishes you prefer. Peppery? Milder? Look into a nursery or seed bank for varieties that match your preferences and can visually enhance your food, like black radishes, watermelon radishes, or Easter egg. Radishes can even do well with partial days of sun.

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